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router ignoring .forward expansion

I have found a very odd, byt reproducable error on my installation.

This is the situation.

USER has a .forward file with proper address.

USER is in list A.

Sending to list A, message arrives at forwarded address.

USER is in list B.

Sending to list B, message arrives at forwarded address.

list C is comprised of the names of list A and list B (the list names, not 

Sending to list C, message for list A arrives at forwarded address, message for 
list B arrives at LOCAL address (.forward is ignored).

This is VERY confusing and odd.

Anyone else experience this?  I tried searching the site but had difficulty 
summarizing this situation for a decent search...

-Broderick Wood-

Research Systems Administrator
Department of Computing Sciences
     Athabasca Hall, Room 205
     University of Alberta
     Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
     T6G 2E1
     (780) 492-5018

"Failure is NOT an option;
It's bundled with your software."

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