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Re: ZMailer "hangs up" on message queues...

On 26-Jul-01 at 21:29, Michael Loftis (mike@activemessage.com) wrote:
> It is not a spam engine.  We handle eBay Billpoint buyers and sellers
> lists, as well as Wells Fargo customer mailings and a number of other
> clients.  We are not inteh spam business, we are complaint with MAPS
> (whats left anyway) and are on speaking terms with all of the reasonable
> RBL type sites such as MAPS and the defunct ORBS.  

Although I still maintain that messages going to eBay Billpoint buyers
are not *useful* (just kidding!), I would suggest to go for a server farm
for your task.  Get half a dozen 1U boxes; they need not be very powerful
CPU-wise but they *must* have fast modern LVD hard drives.  Choose an OS/
filesystem with fast directory operations, develop a way to distribute
the load and off you go.

BTW, we where evaluating the idea of using solid state disks, not for mail
but for Oracle database (rollback segments and redo logs), and did not find
any viable solution.  That was a year or two ago.

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