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Four questions...

1. Content filtering

Followed the docs and read
however one fails to see how to setup the rules for content filtering.
Perhaps I misunderstood the concept.  We want to filter out spam and
the like.  We're running 2.99.54.  

Anyone kind enough to point me in the right direction for zmailer content
filtering?  Is procmail the more viable solution for what we need to do?

2. Virus detection/disinfection at the mail server

I've seen previous threads discussing briefly this topic.  The only choice
it seems was procmail.  The idea was that zmailer is an MTA and it should
only do what an MTA does best.

Are there any hooks in zmailer for virus detection applications (such as
for example the ones from Sophos and McAfee)?  If so how does one go about
setting this up?  I failed to find any docs/faqs/info on this.

Any info/help is greatly appreciated.  Thanks.


Ferucio Ciobanu
Erindale College Computing Services, University of Toronto, Canada
E-mail:	fciobanu@credit.erin.utoronto.ca
Phone:	(905)569-4755
Fax:	(905)569-4343

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