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Re: Command Line Option For SENDMAIL

Broderick Wood <bmw@cs.ualberta.ca>
> I need some similar command for testing if an address exists in order to automate the
> mailing list system (Majordomo with MajorCool frontend).
> Ideas?

1. It won't work. A lot of sites just return "ok, I'll try my best".

2. I do it regularly, whether it works or not :) I use vrfy, available
from ftp.nikhef.nl and a thousand other sites. I test for the interesting
address and pervers-pedofil-windowsbruker@(same domain). If the former
works, but not the latter, I know it's okay. If the former does not work,
I know it's bad. If they both work, I know the host won't tell me.

(I'm assuming noone has bad enough taste to actually use that as an email
address. Pretty safe assumption, I rather think.)

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