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Command Line Option For SENDMAIL

I am looking for an alternate to the SENDMAIL command line option below:

(excerpt from "man sendmail")

-bv   Verify names only; do not try to collect or deliver  a
      message.  Verify  mode is normally used for validating
      users or mailing lists. 

Command line as this is NOT implemented in ZMAILER.

As shown below:

mailserver# /usr/lib/sendmail -bv test
ZMailer: ignored sendmail options: -bv
^CZMailer: interrupt! message submission aborted!   

I need some similar command for testing if an address exists in order to automate the
mailing list system (Majordomo with MajorCool frontend).



-Broderick Wood-
Research Systems Administrator
Deptartment of Computing Sciences
University of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Don't you wish you could 'sleep 24000 &'?

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