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Re: Configuration question

Grace He wrote:

> We would like to add the following to our configuration:
>  - Reject mails from host if the expected hostname.domain is different
>	 from the supplied hostname.domain by the incoming mail host.

IIRC, that kind of behavior will only cause you problems.  There are
a large number of MTAs where their identity does not necessarily map
using reverse DNS (such as if smtp.example.com has multiple A records
which reverse map to host1.example.com, host2.example.com, etc).  It
may also break where the MTA is being NAT'd, which is becoming more
common with many small companies having a single point of presence with
a single IP, often over cable modem or DSL.

Speaking of spam, is this mailing list protected by RBL?  There's been a
fair amount of crap, recently.
         Devin Reade         <gdr@gno.org>