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Found a bug... Have a patch

Title: Found a bug... Have a patch

On the lastest version, While testing out the 'maxthr' settings for local pipe deliveries I discovered a bug related to 'verbose' mode and logging in scheduler/thread.c that tries to log stuff about 'already running' processes.

Scheduler goes into an endless loop reporting which processes are already running. Of course burning 100% cpu and never coming back to life. The scheduler log also gets insanely huge.

The code looks like this:

Proc = proc->pnext;
While (proc) {
        Sfprintf(sfstderr, " %p", proc);

Patch is to add 'proc = proc->pnext;' after the sfprintf of course.

I'm assuming checkins to the CVS are off-limits to most people, so somebody else please check in this patch after checking it out.

-Crispin Bivans