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RE: smtp transport seemingly eating bounceback failures

Title: RE: smtp transport seemingly eating bounceback failures

In looking more into the problem described below, I uncovered that the questionable logic I'm talking about was only a problem starting in the latest version 2.99.55. The prior version .54 had this smtp.c logic which works:

        if (rc == EX_OK) {
          /* Study the DATA STATES! */
          if (SS->rcptstates & DATASTATE_400)
            rc = EX_TEMPFAIL;
          if (SS->rcptstates & DATASTATE_500)
            rc = EX_UNAVAILABLE;

The new faulty logic looks like:

I'm not sure what the new code was intending to do but it has broken the ability of smtp transport to recognize 'No such person' errors from email servers that issue such errors after a DATA section. Yahoo.com in particular does this plus I'm sure many more. Any bad emails to those domains is silently dropping the message without reporting back a bounceback.

Prior releases of Zmailer, plain old sendmail and Exchange all handle situation correctly.

For now I'm going to put back the old logic (from prior releases) but please somebody let us know what the new logic was for and how it could be cured.

-Crispin Bivans