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Hello + Questions

Hello everybody on the mailing-list !

I'm a 26 year old student learning Network & System at high school in Paris, at the same time I'm working as Network Engineer in an ISP.
I've subscribed to this mailing list because I'm interrested in planning an SMTP server at school and at work, i've tried Qmail but i've seen that Zmailer was the best from the old one's in MTA. It's wonderful to see that Zmailer is still alive and have the best documentation i've found on the net despite Qmail which parse their knowledge through many web sites.
I'm supposed to put Zmailer on a productive plateform working all the day for our customers. They use to have an primary SMTP server with their ISDN line so we are the second MX. I want to know if someone as already tried to make this work and their way of doing that. 
I've got the idea to put local mailboxes, each one for one domain and after to use someting like mail2smtp or so in order to resend theses mails to the original domain SMTP server when it's on air through a detection script (testing with FPING...). But i've not seen any utility like the Qmail "maildir2smtp" for Zmailer.
First of all, i'm looking for tips in order to put a real project that i've made not one from another guy because i've simply to present this project in front of a jury at school and the originality is the first thing i want : so tips are the best rader than premade thing ! It helps me to progress !

So i'm waiting for your advices.
I don't know how many people are using this ML, but i'm planning to send the working schematics of my project in order for you to speak about it.

Best regards from Paris