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am I right that the maximum number of children of scheduler is still
limited by the maximum number of stdio filehandles?  If so, this is
quite unfortunate and becoming the bottleneck here.  The computers are
powerful enough to run several thousands of processes, but deliveries
are "waiting for thread slot" if there are many distinct remote
destinations.  Typical picture:

root@ajax2:/usr/local/sbin/# mailq -QQ
        Threads:  619 Msgs: 15075 Procs: 150 Idle:   0 Plim: 150 Flim: 150
Tlim: 1

I tried to blindly increase maxchannel/maxring beyond 255 and the scheduler
first started as many agents as I asked but then got crasy (stopped
responding to mailq command).

Does sfio have 255 limitation removed?  Does the scheduler still use
stdio rather than sfio?