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nameserver data inconsistency


I have used ZMailer for few weeks and I have a big problem with it.
My master domain is 'triger.com.pl'. I wrote it in configuration files:
/etc/mail: orgdomain=triger.com.pl

I have a few other domains, f.ex. autko.pl
All of them have MX-s water.triger.com.pl.
water.triger.com.pl is my mail server with ZMailer.

I wrote lines to db/smtp-policy.mx:

When I send a mail to tnowak@triger.com.pl it works.
When I send a mail to tnowak@autko.pl, I receive a mail with error after 
few days:

   Original Recipient:
     rfc822;tnowak@autko.pl Control data:
     smtp autko.pl tnowak@autko.pl 65534
   Diagnostic texts:
     expired after 3 days, problem was:
     smtp; 500 (nameserver data inconsistency. No MX, no address: 
'autko.pl' (NONAME))

I have any idea what I should do.

Help, please.

Best regards.
Tomasz Nowak                               mailto:tnowak@triger.com.pl
TRIGER - Systemy Komputerowe                  http://www.triger.com.pl
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