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Re: problem with relaying

On 18-Jan-01 at 13:56, Arnt Gulbrandsen (arnt@trolltech.com) wrote:

> >    Changeing the script interpret is one of the most difficult things
> >    in ZMailer, and this evaluator detail doubly so...  I recall having
> >    tried and failed.  Small tweaking there isn't simple, a thorough
> >    underlying script-language replacement might be easier, but which ?
> >    PERL ?  Python ?  TCL ?  Scheme ?
> Is one really needed? How many people edit the zmailer default? I do, but
> my change probably would be doable with _any_ zmailer.

I'd second this.
"Don't fix it if it ain't broken"
sh-like language has its problems (notably dangerous variable expansion)
but it also has advantages.  For example, most admins know it at least
basically, and very few people are religious about it.