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Re: Zmailer relaying problem ... (again)

At 17:18 3.1.2001, Henryk Czapski wrote the following message:
>sense, so I'm looking for some kind of pop3 daemon with possibility

Try cucipop with http://game.over.net/~tomaz/cucipop-1.31-whoson.patch 
(whoson cucipop patch) and enable whoson/smtp auth support in zmailer.

You'll have best of both worlds. Have no problems ever since! Users know 
that in order to relay they have to check mail first or enable smtp auth.

>I tried to use whoson, but till this moment it doesn't work.

You need to notify whoson daemon about IPs allowed to relay.


Tomaz Borstnar <tomaz.borstnar@over.net>
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