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Re: translations of http://zmailer.org/reports-en.html ??

El 11 Jan 2001, a las 16:33, Matti Aarnio escribió:

>   Hello,
>   It seems that I get occasional upset letters from some people
>   in Poland who (M$ users, unlucky people) get delivery reports,
>   and don't understand a word of it.  Then they follow the link
>   in the boilerplate, which page itself doesn't contain any
>   understandable language to them (I presume), then they look
>   URL upwards and spot my address at the end of it...
>   If you folks could supply me translations to some other languages,
>   I could add them there.
>   As I think I am still writing way too technical, suggestions
>   on making the text easier to understand are also welcome.
> --
> /Matti Aarnio	<mea@nic.funet.fi>


although my last name is Polish (as my grandfather was), I don't know a
word of the Polish language.

Anyway, if it is of some use, I just translated
http://zmailer.org/reports-en.html into Spanish and am attaching it for
you to use.

Take into account that I've done it in a little while and didn't check it
at all for correctness (not even a spell checker, since I did it right
over the original file with an HTML editor), but I think it's a good
first approach that can be put in the web...

If you get comments/corrections you can forward them to me, but I can't
guarantee that I will answer and/or apply the corrections, though I'll

Also, beeing from Latinamerica, my Spanish is not the same as the one
spoke in Spain, but I tried to be as neutral as I could.

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