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Re: envelope address rewriting

On  9-Nov-00 at 21:18, Alfredo Sanjuan (alfre@ibd.es) wrote:

> But when a mail client send a message from peter@domain1.com, the sender is
> rewrited to peter@domain3.com (that is a real local user of domain3.com).
> So when there is a destination delivery error, the remote postmaster send
> the warning to peter@domain3.com instead to peter@domain1.com. 

I suffer from this problem too, and I've reported it a while ago.
It is my understanding that the culprit is the router.  Apparently it
tries to resolve envelope sender to uid, and if succeeds, convert it
into "canonical" address, converting uid to uname and adding primary
domain.  I did not investigate it further yet.

(I wonder if non-empty ROUTEUSER_IN_ABNORMAL_UNIX should have turned
 off this functionality of the router...  Matti?)