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envelope address rewriting

I'm trying to rewrite envelope headers for virtual domains, son I have a localnames file like this:

domain1.com           domain1.com
.domain1.com          domain1.com
domain2.com           domain2.com
.domain2.com          domain2.com

The domain of the smtp machine is domain3.com.

In the fqdnaliases I have this:

peter@domain1.com: peterdomain1
peter@domain2.com: peterdomain2

But when a mail client send a message from peter@domain1.com, the sender is rewrited to peter@domain3.com (that is a real local user of domain3.com). So when there is a destination delivery error, the remote postmaster send the warning to peter@domain3.com instead to peter@domain1.com.

Well, this isn't the expected behaviour, how can I solve this?

I have the latest 2.99.54 version of the Zmailer (no cvs) whith no *cf customization.

Any help reallt appreciated.


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