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Re: Problems with routes file

On Tue, Dec 09, 2036 at 03:18:17AM +0000, Edgardo Szulsztein wrote:
> Hi
> We have migrated from zmailer 2.99.53-pre1 to 2-99.54. 
> We have zmailer configured in host1 so that it sends all the received mails
> to host2 (it uses hosts2 as a smart host).
> the file db/routes of the host1 has the following line:
> .  smtp!host2

  Indeed there are two bugs in 2.99.54 causing this.

  - PERL program  $MAILBIN/newdbprocessor  has bugs at   split()  function
    calls.  Essentially there are statements of type:
	($scalar1,$scalar2, ... ,$scalarn) = split(' ',$inputstring);
    which MAY produce more parts than N with some inputs, and if it
    does, then the results will be -- undesired.
    The fix is to add 3rd parameter to each  split()  call telling how
    many scalar variables are there for receiving the result so that
    the last will get the TAIL of the specifier string, and not just
    Nth subpart, which drops off possible important parameters.

  - $MAILVAR/db/dbases.conf  file does not have '-d pathalias' listed
    for the routesdb lookup function

  Once those two fixes are done (you are proficient PERL hacker ?), and
  you execute command:
	$MAILBIN/zmailer  newdb 
  then your freshly started router will be able to send all non-local
  material into specified smart-host.

> Thanks
> Edgardo Szulsztein
/Matti Aarnio	<mea@nic.funet.fi>