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Problems with routes file


We have migrated from zmailer 2.99.53-pre1 to 2-99.54. 
We have zmailer configured in host1 so that it sends all the received mails to
host2 (it uses hosts2 as a smart host).

the file db/routes of the host1 has the following line:
.  smtp!host2

However, when I run in host1:
router -i
router test@yahoo.com

I get the anser:
<root.interactive@homero.pertsrl.com.ar>: address: test@yahoo.com
(((smtp yahoo.com test@yahoo.com default_attributes)))

I don't understand why, despite of the fact that I rehashed the routes file,
the router doesn't take into considerationx` the above line.

Is there any other way to define a smart host?


Edgardo Szulsztein

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