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smtp problem

I am seeing the following in an smtp server log:

05447W0019893294w       MAIL From:<trent@infointeractive.com> SIZE=1106
05447W0019993294w       RCPT To:<user@FAKEADDRESS.net>
05447W0020093294w       DATA
05447W0020193295r 250 Sender <trent@infointeractive.com> and extensions
(SIZE=1106) Ok
05447W0020293295r       550 Invalid recipient: <user@FAKEADDRESS.net>
05447W0020393295r       503 No recipients specified
05447W0020493295#        smtp_sync() did yield code 69
05447W0020593295w       RSET
05447W0020693295r       250 Ok resetting state
05447W0020793295w       MAIL From:<trent@infointeractive.com> SIZE=1106
05447W0020893295w       RCPT To:<user@FAKEADDRESS.net>
05447W0020993295w       DATA
05447W0021093295r 250 Sender <trent@infointeractive.com> and extensions
(SIZE=1106) Ok
05447W0021193295r       550 Invalid recipient: <user@FAKEADDRESS.net>
05447W0021293295r       503 No recipients specified
05447W0021393295#        smtp_sync() did yield code 69
05447W0021493295w       RSET

Is this part of any standard for the remote end to do this kind of thing?
It will just loop on the bad address forever and no new mail will ever get
sent to FAKEADDRESS.net

Our server is running 2.99.52-patch1 and the remote end is running InterMail
vK. by Software.com.

I would appreciate any help info you could share.  If the remote end is
breaking the standard I would like to communicate that back to them so that
they can get it fixed.

                Trent MacDougall @ InfoInterActive Inc.
           Network Administrator @ 902-832-2651