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I have noticed for some time that ZMailer (.53/54?) inserts Fake-Sender
headers to emails created using the /usr/sbin/sendmail interface. However,
the Fake-Sender headers don't make any sense; e.g.:

Received: (from localhost user: 'XXX' uid#YYY fake: STDIN (XXX@ZZZ))
        by ZZZ.example.org id <S8350AbQI3IFP>; Sat, 30 Sep 2000 04:05:15 -0400
From:   "some full name" <XXX@ZZZ.example.org>
Sender: some full name <XXX@ZZZ.dhs.org>
Fake-Sender: XXX@ZZZ.dhs.org

That is, From, Sender, and Fake-Sender all contain identical information
(and the logged uid# in the Received header *is* the correct uid for the
logged user name). Makes ZMailer look really stupid, when Sender and
Fake-Sender are in fact the same.

I suppose this is related to the "strangeness" in the Received headers I
reported earlier... (i.e., trust problem with e-mail submission through

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