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routes problem

I just upgraded from ZMailer 2.99.53-pre1 to 2.99.53 and lines starting
with a period in the routes files stopped working.

Let's assume that I have the following two lines in my routes file:
domain.com	smtp![machine.domain.com]
.domain.com	smtp![machine.domain.com]

I run zmailer newdb and send mail from the ZMailer box to user@domain.com,
which is forwarded to machine.domain.com. Everything is ok so far. Then I
send mail to user@subdomain.domain.com and it never reaches
machine.domain.com. Not so good anymore.

router -i replies to user@domain.com with
(((smtp [machine.domain.com] user@domain.com default_attributes)))
but user@subdomain.domain.com results in
(((smtp subdomain.domain.com user@subdomain.domain.com

A workaround is to add a line for each subdomain into the routes file, but
I'd rather use the .-wildcard. Did I mess something up in the upgrade
process or what? I'm running RH Linux 6.0 (2.2.16) with glibc 2.1.3.