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smtp busylooping

Here is another case of busylooping smtp transport:
in smtp.c:1761 smtpconn() continiously returns EX_TEMPFAIL
(I have yet to investigate the reason for that), and
the process goes into cycle between lines 1754 and 1763...

Oh, here is the reason for EX_TEMPFAIL:
in smtp.c:2086 getmxrr() returns EX_UNAVAILABLE, which, a dosen
lines below, resuts in return EX_TEMPFAIL.

Let us see how getmxrr() works...
seems that for some reason mx[i].ai are getting null despite
mx[i].host are filled with good values; and all mx[*] are
invalidated around line 4675; then the function returns

I cannot realize why this may be happening so far...  Anyway,
as a result of this problem, a bunch of mail cannot ever be
delivered.  Apparently this always happens for some domains.