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Re: How to capture a copy of through going email ?

  (I changed to subject to be more appropriate to the topic)

On Thu, Jul 20, 2000 at 09:29:28AM +0200, TooManySecrets wrote:
> Hi :)
> I'm looking for a solution for my problem...
> I've got a Zmailer server, and my boss want a "module"/program for capture
> all smtp mails and introduce this in a postgresql or mysql database. And (of
> course), the same for get the mail (yes yes...), when the client get her
> mail, this module/program have de dates for de database.

    ZMailer does not come with MESSAGE STORE access program (POP3 or IMAP),
    so I really can't help here -- qmail comes, but only because otherwise
    people likely would not have means to read their "maildir" folders.

    Odd, I seem to be repeating this recipe:

        If capture at message routing time is ok
        (which captures *all* email going thru!  in- and outbound!)


    The  process()  script function has a case selector based on
    the file name, with tags something like:

		rfc822 "$file"

    Modify that to be:

		/path/to/your/db/capture "$file"
		rfc822 "$file"

    Would that do ?

        If capture at "local" delivery is what is desired, then
	some modification on how the "procmail as local delivery"
	recipe works ( doc/guides/procmail ).

    Essentially instead of running procmail program as the local
    delivery via sm.conf, you run your own program which must then
    in the end call *also* the procmail to do message delivery.

        Aside of the MTA related things, which in Z's case don't
        really need any changes there, you need to hack the message-
        store access subsystem -- which you pick from elsewere.

> Thank's for all... and excuse me my bad english... :(
> Have a nice day  ;-)
> TooManySecrets

/Matti Aarnio	<mea@nic.funet.fi>