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Re: relaying to host with no MX?

On Tue, Jun 20, 2000 at 09:16:16AM -0500, Enrique Vadillo wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm using ZMailer 2.99.50-s5 on sparc, i would like to know how i can
> relay mail to a target host without any MX record, see, i am trying to spare
> any SMTP inbound activity to my sparc box, i simply want to create many
> MX records pointed to my ZMailer relays, and from there i want to force
> those mail messages onto the right box, MX records would be as follows:
> 	dialup.domain.com	MX	10	zmailer1.domain.com.
> 				MX	10	zmailer2.domain.com.
> 				MX	10	zmailer3.domain.com.
> 				MX	10	zmailer4.domain.com.
> this is the way i want it to be, i want to know how i can force queued
> mail targeted to @dialup.domain.com from my ZMailer relays, maybe i have
> to use some greater MX anyway? what is the best method i can use?

  I would use a bit different setup:

	dialup.domain.com.	MX	1	smtpmx.domain.com.
	smtpmx.domain.com.	IN	A
				IN	A
				IN	A

  The DNS reply will be smaller, if nothing else ;)
  Presuming all servers are of equal preferrence, that is.

  You propably want to use  $MAILBAR/db/routes  database to
  drive routing by domain, e.g.:

	dialup.domain.com	smtpx![]
	dialup.domain.com	smtpx!host.domain.name

  Of course if you don't have primary MX into the final target
  machine, you must offset it with explicite manual configuration
  at your MX servers.

  "Force the queued email" ?  Hmm..  Perhaps current system's
  smtpserver/scheduler ETRN-cluster mechanism could help too ?

  Sort of relating to this:

  I have just been playing with pathologically large MX sets, and at
  least the smtp TA can handle them now; smtpserver policy code, and
  router bind subset don't yet.. do:  "dig mx bigmx.zmailer.org."
  (aka "nslookup -q=mx bigmx.zmailer.org")
  You should see 100 MX entries.   I said pathological, didn't I ?

  Hmm..   I didn't quite believe in what I experienced there, so I just
  cooked up a bit larger pathology set: "bigmx2.zmailer.org"  -- ok,
  5.6 kB reply for dig ... Propably it works.
  .. not MAXFORWARDERS array size was smaller than that monsterset :-/

> thanks,
> Enrique-
> -- 
>  RCP - Internet Peru      Tel: +51 1 422-4848 

/Matti Aarnio	<mea@nic.funet.fi>