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relaying to host with no MX?

Hi all,

I'm using ZMailer 2.99.50-s5 on sparc, i would like to know how i can
relay mail to a target host without any MX record, see, i am trying to spare
any SMTP inbound activity to my sparc box, i simply want to create many
MX records pointed to my ZMailer relays, and from there i want to force
those mail messages onto the right box, MX records would be as follows:

	dialup.domain.com	MX	10	zmailer1.domain.com.
				MX	10	zmailer2.domain.com.
				MX	10	zmailer3.domain.com.
				MX	10	zmailer4.domain.com.

this is the way i want it to be, i want to know how i can force queued
mail targeted to @dialup.domain.com from my ZMailer relays, maybe i have
to use some greater MX anyway? what is the best method i can use?


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