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Email -> HTML gateways ??

Hi folks,

  One of my long-term lesser importance projects has been attempting to
  get ZMailer list into a decent hypertext.
  (Now that I have a CGI running machine taking care of zmailer.org.)

  What I would like to have is a sort of combination of HyperNews
  (see my abortative attempt at http://zmailer.org/HyperNews/get/zmailer.html)
  and MHonArc.

  And also to a degree a bug-tracking system with message states, e.g.
  info/question(waiting for an answer/replied)/bug report(pending/resolved)/..

  But damn it, do I have to create it all by myself ?
  (And no, I am not a web hacker, far from it..)

  What I like of MHonArc is its ability to handle the complicated
  MIME structures, and what I like at  HyperNews  is its classification
  and file moving ability.  And those small glyphs are cute..
  (You can try adding a message, and choose a glyph -- apparently there
   is no way to change glyphs afterwards..)

  Something of kind seems to promise SourceForge's VA Mail Processor (VAMP):

/Matti Aarnio	<mea@nic.funet.fI>