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a best zmailer package

hello world,

Well, the Zmailer-FAQ is out, http://perso.wanadoo.es/xose
and a new zmailer.spec too. 

There are some thing on zmailer.tar.gz that must to be improved :-).
5.011.982 bytes for a mta is too much. There are a lot of
files that are very old and do not working:
contrib/redhat-specs-et-alz, contrib/zmailer-spec,
contrib/zmailer49.spec, contrib/zmm, packaging/rpm are the same.
zmailstats and zmailstats.new does not working.....
utils/* and contrib/* can be in the same place...
docs has lot of old files, are all necesary ??

Regards and thanks for Zmailer.