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Re: SMTP policy problems

Just following up on my own message ...

A month ago I send email regarding strange policy rejections on a new
installation (using both a 24 Mar 99 cvs snapshot and 2.99.52p1)
on OpenBSD 2.6 x86.  There was no answer, and I didn't have the time
to review zmailer sources, so I wound up taking the identical packages
and configuration files, placing them on a Linux Slackware 7 server
and they worked fine.  So it seems to be an OpenBSD-2.6-only behavior
that resulted in constant policy rejections.

My plate is too full to start a zmailer source debugging project, so I
figured that I'd just add this as a data point right now.

If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the precipitate.
							- Stephen Wright