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2.99.53 PRE 1


  I just made a pre-release snapshot of 2.99.53, mainly because
  ChangeLog has collected 570 lines of entries since last release
  of any kind.  (CVS isn't a "release" in these therms, I think.)

  - Scheduler queue handling has been reworked, now it can run
    multiple parallel TA programs in same thread
    (Partially result of algorthm cleanup there.)
  - SMTP TA can now also send with TLS wrapper on
  - Router armouring against bad "Date:" contents
  - Router local database 'mxlocal' -- recognizes domain as local by
    means of being lowest/only of MXes
  - More SMTP TA "under the hood" details tuned
  - Scheduler MAILQv2 protocol definition and implementation, although
    not fully implemented at 'mailq' command yet.
  - Scheduler reports early on accumulated diagnostics
  - SMTP TA repeated diagnostics handling fixed - partly to handle
    nested semi-failures on deliveries leading to delivery retries.
  - Improved a bit the router task queue facilities
  - smtpserver can be used to interactively test the policy database

  And propably quite some bits which I skipped.

/Matti Aarnio	<mea@nic.funet.fi>