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Re: ZMailer relaying policy


Matti Aarnio:
> > We ended up putting that sort of filtering into the router. We need
> > bangpaths for these pesky remote UUCP clients.
> 	Are the bang-paths needed to be VISIBLE outside your site/system ?
Yes. Their outgoing mail goes through a third-party system which ends up
generating uucpsys!user@realsys.domain. The latter MXes to us.

> > To do this right, you need to forward whoson status to the router.
> 	maybe, maybe not...
I couldn't find a way to do it otherwise, so I hacked the router to
accept a "whosoninfo" envelope-header. This also has the positive effect
that the "real" whoson gets passed into the router log, which we
recently used to prove to the client that the spam they sent really
came from their site while they were authorized. (They used our whoson
block as an excuse not to any spam filtering for themselves.)

> 	While I love to beat M$ with Linux World Domination, my UNIX
> 	environment is still rather large.

> 	The idea is to use minimum technology possible..

... unfortunately.  ;-)

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