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Re: Negative caching


Matti Aarnio:
> > NB, sort-of-completely-unrelated question: Is there a sensible reason
> > why Zmailer doesn't do any negative cashing? It would seem that
> > fixing this would be _really_ trivial.
> 	Whatever method is used, a 10 000 entry cache isn't going to be
> 	quick to lookup/clean.
I'm not talking about 10000 entries. More likely 100 or so.

We have a local database connection, and fairly involved .cf files.
It seems rather wasteful to check the exact same information multiple

> 	Considering it, presume you have an external socket interfaced DB
> 	(like LDAP) using cache, you notice that something is missing, you
> 	insert the data, but then have to wait for same time as the positive
> 	cache waits before next lookup of same key.
The same happens when the information changes.
It's not a problem for me.

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