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Re: Mandating PERL for ZMailer system ??

In message <2000Mar31.111745edt.17205-218@angel.uunet.ca>you write:
>You know, I was talking to Rayan a few days ago,
>and the subject of zmailer came up.  I suggested replacing the router's
>shell interpreter with a perl interpreter.
>Redoing the .cf files would be a pain, but the advantages
>are considerable:
>	- it allows us to throw away a lot of old, dubious code.
>	- it adds much power and flexibility.
>	- these days, most people are more comfortable
>	  doing non-trivial scripting in perl than sh.
>Rayan didn't disagree.

Agreed, though Tcl is probably a better choice for this sort of thing than


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