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Broken Message-ID headers

Mails with broken Message-ID: headers tend to crash the router.

IMHO, these mail should be bounced and rejected, and the offending header
should not be looked at further, just to forestall any problems arising
from their unparseability.


	Message-ID: 64317946789@

I don't know what your router does with this thing, but mine dies a 
rather horrible death somewhere in the middle of processing the routing

NB: Related to this: the offending message caused a core dump. Which
duly got copied out of the router directory. Then, the next router
tried to process the thing, created a core dump ... my $POSTOFFICE
now contained 2 GBytes of coredumps. IMHO, if a core is seen, then
files of the form ###-## lying around should be moved off to a
subdirectory. Trying to process them again tends to be a Bad Thing.

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