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Some experiments on "early reports" out of the system...


  I got somewhat fed up with the need to wait possible hunging messages
  to time out before the possibly much earlier diagnostics can be presented.
  ... in case of Linux lists, this can mean that when a hanging address
  finally begins to time out, there are 600+ identical rejection messages
  of some other address(es) in the same multirecipient envelope ...
  Sending accumulated messages out much earlier will let me (and the real 
  listowners too) to react faster on closed accounts, etc.

  I have thus been doing some experiments on how to get those accumulated
  reports out of the system sooner than at message's final timeout.

  It turned out to be rather simple, even.

  Right now each message has a 15-18 minute (somewhat fuzzy) timer ticking
  on when reports are to be sent out.    That time interval is there to
  possibly accumulating more than one diagnostic per multirecipient message
  into same report message.

  I am also considering ways on how to produce ``Action: DELAYED'' messages.
  It doesn't look utterly impossible anymore!

/Matti Aarnio	<mea@nic.funet.fi>