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router 2.99.52-pre3 coredump on parsing bad date

This is version just before sfio was introduced.
Look at the Date: header: it is pathalogical.
But this is no excuse for coredump :)

#0  0xef5a83a4 in _END_ ()
#1  0x1b5f0 in lilian (yyyy=2000, mm=0, dd=31) at dateparse.c:273
#2  0x1c44c in dateParse (localtmptr=0x96c00, t=0x7c) at dateparse.c:670
#3  0x321c0 in parse822 (entry=DateTime, tlistp=0xefffb5cc, ltmp=0x96c00, 
    tfp=0x91400) at rfc822walk.c:950
#4  0x2be68 in hdr_scanparse (e=0x96b70, h=0x0, commentflag=0, 
    no_line_crossing=0) at rfc822hdrs.c:128
#5  0x25e5c in makeLetter (e=0x96b70, octothorp=0) at rfc822.c:375
#6  0x25504 in run_rfc822 (argc=-268445952, argv=0xefffd770) at rfc822.c:159
#7  0x4920c in execute (c=0xefffe194, caller=0xefffef08, oretcode=0, 
    name=0xefffef08 "") at execute.c:393
#8  0x3986c in runcommand (c=0xefffe194, pc=0xefffef08, retcodep=0xefffeed0, 
    cmdname=0x72d80 "rfc822") at interpret.c:756
#9  0x3bd38 in interpret (Vcode=0xffffed80, Veocode=0x0, Ventry=0xe89e0, 
    caller=0xefffef08, retcodep=0xefffeed0, cdp=0xeafb0) at interpret.c:1790
#10 0x3eadc in lapply (fname=0x72d88 "process", l=0xb1c90) at interpret.c:2839
#11 0x3eb68 in apply (argc=2, argv=0xeffff440) at interpret.c:2863
#12 0x23c98 in s_apply (argc=2, argv=0xeffff440) at shliaise.c:51
#13 0x1d060 in rd_doit (filename=0xeffff138 "64361-2965", dirs=0xe8760 "")
    at functions.c:676
#14 0x1d2a8 in rd_stability (dirp=0xe96d8, dirs=0xe8760 "") at functions.c:761
#15 0x1d74c in run_daemon (argc=0, argv=0xeffffac8) at functions.c:945
#16 0x1aca8 in main (argc=3, argv=0xeffffb9c) at router.c:331

rcvdfrom pop3.eth.net ([]:3543 "EHLO eth.net" ident: "TIMEDOUT"
on: "-unregistered-" smtp-auth: <none> TLS-CIPHER: <none> TLS-CCERT: <none>)
comment pop3.eth.net []:3543 "EHLO eth.net" whoson:
 smtp-auth: <none> TLS-CIPHER: <none> TLS-CCERT: <none>)
with ESMTP
identinfo TIMEDOUT
from <chempost@sina.com.cn>
todsn ORCPT=rfc822;alexkust@online.ru
to <alexkust@online.ru>
Received: from mail pickup service by eth.net with Microsoft SMTPSVC;
         Mon, 31 Jan 2000 18:35:38 +0530
Received: from mail pickup service by eth.net with Microsoft SMTPSVC;
         Mon, 31 Jan 2000 12:55:26 +0530
Received: from sina.com ([]) by eth.net  with Microsoft
         Mon, 31 Jan 2000 11:47:06 +0530
Received: (qmail 71576 invoked from network); 31 Jan 2000 06:14:06 -0000
Received: from unknown (HELO Clansoft) (
  by with SMTP; 31 Jan 2000 06:14:06 -0000
Date:00-1-31 14:13:02