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Re: Zmailer & etrn's

Mark Visser wrote:
> So if someone wants to send mail thru the Zmailermachine of which the rcpt
> to: address/domain isn't in the routes file, it won't accept the email.

Why not using the already existent anti-relay features to implement this?
Or, even more clear, add a directive to the set of anti-relay thingies.

For example, implement a "acceptrcpt" directive, which returns ACCEPT for any
domain listed in the policy.dat file (you know what I mean) and REJECT

This should be too hard, given the 'example implementations' of the other
directives. And ZMailer won't accept it at the smtpserver-frontend instead
of bouncing the message in the router. Of course you'll have to change the
smtpserver and the policy-builder script a little, but I think it's quite

Just an idea L)