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Re: Microsoft!

>>>>> On Thu, 01 Apr 1999 09:23:44 -0500, "Michael R. Gettes" <gettes@Princeton.EDU> said:

> the MX list for microsoft.com points to mail[1-5].microsoft.com.
> These are running either Exchange (5.5.2524) or InterScab VirusWall
> NT.  Not sure what mxN.microsoft.com is used for... but it sounds
> like there is a varying strategy at Microsoft on handling mail.

>> [root@atlantis mail]# telnet mx8.microsoft.com smtp Trying
>>  Connected to localhost.  Escape character is '^]'.
>> 220-mx8.microsoft.com ZMailer 2.99.50-s12 #1 ESMTP+IDENT service
>> ready 220 mx8.microsoft.com (NO UCE)(NO UBE) our local time is now
>> Thu, 1 Apr 1999 00:04:44 +0200

and then again, it might just be an April Fool's joke!