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Re: Adding Users

> Is there a way of adding a user to the Zmailer system without
> having a UNIX account?.

	If just having an alias was enough, you propably were
	not asking this..

	It depends what you mean with that question.

	After all, ZMailer is just MTA part of the system, not
	for example a Message-Store which would care about ways
	to identify users.

	Right now it happens co-incidentally that 'mailbox' program
	is used to do stores to UNIX mailbox, and as such, it cares
	about what   getpwnam()  yields, but you could run  Cyrus
	as your MS subsystem, and then all rules change...

	At my work, (and at several other places,) people configure
	ZMailer  with option:

  --with-getpwnam-library="-L.. -l.."
                            Linking options for non-std getpwnam() libraries

	and then using their special databases/whatnot to supply a virtual
	"password" view of things.

	As ZMailer is not a *full* MTA+MS system, just the MTA, you need
	*some* MS system with similar setup for access to those mailboxes.
	I have slightly hacked pop3d code -- basically just same linking
	as what I use with mailbox.  (Or maybe not so slightly modified,
	as all of our virtual MS users have same UID number value, and
	the server allows access by canonified mailbox filename, not by

	... but if you want to combine UNIX unames, and non-UNIX unames,
	I think it becomes rather difficult...  This is those things
	where you can do one, but not both (easily).

> Regards,
> A

/Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi>