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Re: $HOME/maildir

> Dnia wto, lis 10, 1998 o 10:56:32 +0200, mea@nic.funet.fi naskrobał(a):
   Hmm...  Nationalized automatic texts ?

> > > 	will zmailer's local mailer support $HOME/Mailbox or
> > > $HOME/Maildir ??
> > 
> > At the current form, no.   But at router you can use 'mboxmap'
> > mechanism to do similar effect.
> > 
> > Should that be *global* option, i.e. affecting all local users,
> > or a per-user one ?
> And global and per user :>

   So both...  A per-user mode is way more difficult, but we shall see..

> > How should the storage file name be derived from the username,
> > and/or $HOME value ?
> IMHO it should chceck user's home directory in /etc/passwd
> and write to /user's_home_form_etc_passwd/Mailbox (in standard Mailbox
> format) or /user's_home_form_etc_passwd/Maildir (in Maildir format)
> depending on zmailer configuration.

	Say for a user named "misiek", the home directory is denotable
	as "~misiek" (in good UNIX shell tradition).

	If the  MAILBOX  variable contains some magic value beside current
	(which means "store to this directory into a file which name
	 is derived from user's username": e.g. /var/spool/mail/misiek )

	Storing there a magic string:
	would store to thus named *file* which exists in user's home
	directory  ( ~misiek/somepath )

	Storing there a string:
	would store to file:
	(That is just special case from the one above with fixed local
	 suffix filename)

	Storing there a string:
	would do automatic incoming message splitting into subselector
	folders -- first form by catenating the +-tags into the path
	(and when none is present, the storage file is without the
	 trailing plus..)  -- the second form would store email into
	files with +-tag names, if no tag is present, use 'incoming'.

	The "somepath" and "somedir" at 

	Instead of "~/" we could (perhaps) use "$HOME/" as magic

	I have also thought of having a user-specific .zmailerrc,
	which could control local channel deliveries, and perhaps
	store things like what name and address the user wants to
	use in outbound email.  (This is not the same as doing router
	rewrites based on some generic mapping rules.)

	Or perhaps allowing user to have their  .forward  just
	simply tell:
	when they want incoming email into separate folders.
	... or perhaps  "/$HOME/Mail/+" ?  There are good reasons
	to favour magic start in form of "/$HOME/" -- and perhaps
	even as "/HOME/" ?  (The dollar-sign is somewhat difficult
	character, as is the tilde, too..)

> > (I can implement any strategy you wish, as long as I know, what
> >  strategy is called for..)
> It's nice.
> For me storing mailbox in user's home is good thing because I must
> set quota only on one (/home) partition and /var/spool/mail isn't needed.

	Yes, that I understand well, but *how* the storage filenames
	are to be determined from the incoming address ?
	That is the question I need advice.

> PS. Sory for my english.
> > /Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi>
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