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Re: All local ends up in bitbucket

Before s10,

	root:	\root

will force the expected behaviour even if root: root doesn't work. Now it
doesn't work even if the backslash is there.

This almost broke our "info" email alias here; fortunately the bitbucket
delivery also seems to be broken, so the mail got stuck in the queue instead
of to the bit bucket. :-)

I also commented out the same line Darryl did.  Everything seem to work as
expected so far (since 1998 9 30). (I hope.)


In article <E0zUv3Y-0002Li-00@post.mail.demon.net>,
 <zmailer-list@g7led.demon.co.uk> wrote:
>Thanks Matti.  rtrace was very useful.
>I have entrys in my /var/lib/zmailer/db/aliases file like:
>root:	root
>dlm:	dlm
>It appears that it doesn't like them.  I think its trying to stop them from
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