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glibc 2.1 and/or BSD DB 2.* users...


  Those of us with experiences on these two are not many..

>From my own experiences I can say:
- glibc 2.1 did need its own fixes, but mostly
- supporting  BSD DB 1.85  source code is more 
  difficult to achieve keeping database binary

At least the current experimental setup for Linux with
this setup produce a change in   libdb.so  which
turns all BSD DB databases incompatible with DB 1.85.
Running binaries compiled at  glibc 2.0 system, and moving
them to  glibc 2.1 seems to need regeneration of all binary

Do note that there are a few library routines which 2.1 has,
and 2.0 does not, and ZMailer uses those if they exist...
... thus you can't run ZMailer compiled at 2.1 environment
in 2.0 runtime.

At the moment the source with necessary changes is only
available at my CVS (see  http://www.zmailer.org/ for

I may or may not release a new snapshot before next monday
when I fly to (about) 28N 14W for a week -- without constant
network connectivity.  Maybe even a day or two without using
a computer..  (But I do have a laptop.)

/Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi>

PS: I do receive alert-like messages to my cell-phone
    short-message facility, if you send them to my office
    test address:  matti.aarnio at sonera.inet.fi
    (Written thus to render automatic address collectors
     to miss that -- I hope..)  Write a telegram-style
    synopsis within 130 chars, and lengthy explanations
    to my regular ZMailer-affairs address here at FUNET.