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Re: sophisticated spam filtering

> Hi All,
> I wonder whether one can
> - enable incoming mail from a given MAIL FROM address even if the sender's
> domain is blocked (in any way)

	Umm.. Perhaps there is.  (But following are not verified
	and are thus somewhat uncertain...)

	It is perhaps a bit oversized permission to place those FQDN-
	addresses into   smtp-policy.relay  file, but certainly it gives
	the result.  I think you could place them even in  localnames  file,
	like this:
	those won't match into localnames lookup elsewere in the system.

> - custumize messages sent by zmailer in case of mail blocking 

	In theory the text sent out by the smtpserver is customizable,
	but in practice I noticed that my current way of doing it
	"sucks"...  I can give ONE string, but it would be far better
	to be able to give multiple strings for different uses.
	(Right now the last of the 'message "msg text"' pairs is the
	 one that a matched entry yields.)

> Thanks for your help.
> Furthermore, I noticed that zmailer-2.99.50s8 (running on Solaris
> 2.6) often closes connection without sending out the error message.
> Example:
> 1. a config line from smtp-policy:
> tohotom.vein.hu                 = _bulk_mail
> 2. I log into tohotom.vein.hu and try to establish an SMTP session:
> In smtpserver I see:
> 12174#  connection from tohotom.vein.hu ipcnt 1 ident: bertold
> 12174w  220 lutra.sztaki.hu ZMailer Server 2.99.50-s8 #2 ESMTP+IDENT ready
> at Wed, 14 Oct 1998 10:43:54 +0200
> 12174#  remote from []:1935
> 12174#  -- policyresult=-1 initial policy msg: <NONE!>
> 12174r  HELO tohotom.vein.hu
> 12174   -- policy result=-1, msg: <NONE!>
> 12174w  250 lutra.sztaki.hu Hello tohotom.vein.hu
> 12174r  MAIL FROM: <bertold@tohotom.vein.hu>
> 12174#  -- policy result=-1, msg: <NONE!>
> 12174w  453-4.7.1 Policy analysis reported:
> Is this normal?

	Nope, smells of SIGSEGV.

	Can you attach a debugger into the program before
	you give the deadly input ?

> With regards,
> Bertold Kolics
> E-Mail: Bertold.Kolics@sztaki.hu * Phone: +36-13497532 * Fax: +36-13297866

/Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi>