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Re: How to force 8-bit mail transfer?

>> How can I force Zmailer to never use MIME quoted (un)printable (=E4, =C4
>> etc) on scandinavian characters or at least define the hosts that accept
>> 8-bit, no matter what the host smtp server says about it?

>Look at this passage at the  scheduler.conf ...
>	# Do FORCED MIME-decoding into C-T-E: 8BIT
>	command="smtp -8sl ${LOGDIR}/smtp"

I did notice this part, but being in a hurry and not being perfect in
English I understod this the other way around :) (8bit -> mime). Actually
now reading the same part again and again makes me feel dumb. It would be
hard to say it more clearly.

Now I have another question: Is there a way to remove the tab(?) char that
gets inserted into outgoing messages' date, from and to headers (between
the header name and the header contents) ?  I have a friend who runs a
version of IM/Mac that gets confused (probably) by the tab char in the
headers and as a result the mailer doesn't show the date, from and to
headers at all. It might have something to do with his NET/Mac (NOS)
version too, in any case the headers are there during the transfer but
aren't there in the mailer. Maybe I should take this matter to the IM/Mac
author, but it just crossed my mind typing this reply, hi.

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