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Re: How to force 8-bit mail transfer?

> How can I force Zmailer to never use MIME quoted (un)printable (=E4, =C4
> etc) on scandinavian characters or at least define the hosts that accept
> 8-bit, no matter what the host smtp server says about it?

Look at this passage at the  scheduler.conf ...

# Within FUNET we have a bit longer expiry..
	# maxta=2
	retries="1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 34"
	# Do FORCED MIME-decoding into C-T-E: 8BIT
	command="smtp -8sl ${LOGDIR}/smtp"


The QUOTED-(un)PRINTABLE is quite easily readable, thank you.
BASE64 is unreadable...

> It looks like Zmailer checks the other smtp-server for 8BITMIME when doing
> EHLO hostname and if the sending Zmailer doesn't receive the flag then
> Zmailer sends the messages 7-bit, converting the scandinavian chars to
> quoted printable. Is there a way around this? I know there are hosts that
> accept 8-bit messages ok, but they don't understand the EHLO greeting
> (because the software is _old_) and have to revert back to HELO.

	Quite so, see RFC 1428.

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