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Ports in db/routes?

Is it possible to define a port to connect to in db/routes? I need this to
send all outgoing mail via SMTP to a server at, port 5678. So I
enter this to db/routes:

.			smtp![]:5678

and it doesn't work. I also tried (without success)

.			smtp![]


.			smtp!

Is this possible at all? Without the port number it works fine, but it
connects to port 25. I'm using Zmailer version 2.99.50-s8. Don't ask me why
I have to connect to a port other than 25...

BTW, I noticed that "make install" didn't work with the above version and
my RedHat 4.2 & 5.0 installations. The problem I experienced happened in
proto/Makefile, at the end of "db" section. There the copying of
smtp-policy.relay to $$MAILVAR/db/smtp-policy.relay didn't work. It tried
to copy the file to /db/smtp-policy.relay, which of course failed. I
couldn't find what was wrong (if anything even was) with the Makefile, so I
replaced $$MAILVAR with /opt/zmailer, which is my base directory for
zmailer and it worked perfectly. I guess this could be attributed to the
position of the stars or the runaway weather-balloon...

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