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Re: MX preference

> ...
> > 	Yet one question -- how router/scheduler process routes for
> >     domain with some MX-records with different preferences? E.g. what happines
> >     when I trying to send mail to domain.name with next MX records in DNS:
> > 
> > 	MX 10 relay1
> > 	MX 20 relay2
> > 	MX 100 relay3
> > 
> >     Which relay will be used after router() function?
> 	The transport-agent selection is done at the router program,
> 	and with default scripts it does not do any MX lookups et.al.
> 	multi-selection things.
> 	If the message is not destined local, default rules may apply
> 	meaning recipient specification:
> 		smtp  domain.name  user@domain.name  somepriv
> 	Then the SMTP transport-agent will use MX lookup to determine
> 	which of the MX relays are available for use.  Presume this host
> 	to be 'relay3', then valid forwarding servers are 'relay1', and
> 	'relay2' (whose preference value is lower than 'relay3').

	OK!  What do you think about using some `s' lines in transport
    file -- one for smtp and another for alternate routes, for example, uucp?
    So, if first transport agent return timeout then scheduler must use next
    `s' line...

	CU, Victor Gamov