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zmailer and cyrus-imapd problem

Dear listmembers,
	I have recently been attempting to force a coexistence between the
zmailer MTA and the cyrus-imapd server. I have reached a snag that I hope
somoene may shed some light on.

	To facilitate usage of cyrus-imapd, I have changed the mail delivery
mechanism from sm to cyrus's own program, deliver. The problem lies in the
fact that the deliver program requires a username to be passed, this being the
username of the receiving party. This being the case, it is impossible to use
the default configuration, which passes $u, being the complete email address
of the receiving account.

	What I have been forced to do is write a perl script to interface 
between sm and deliver. It simply strips away the @host portion of the address
and passes the message on to the deliver program.

	My question is the following: is there a way to tell sm to pass ONLY
the username part of the user@host address?

Deeply technical information:

ZMailer verson 2.99.49p8
Cyrus-imapd version 1.52-14
OS: RedHat Linux 2.1.110 runing a DEC Alpha 21066 processor.

sm.conf entry: 
cyrus   Pn      /usr/feh/wrapit.pl              wrapit.pl deliver -e $u

Configuration files are largely as they are by default, with this exception. 

Thanks in advance.

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