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Re: Router dies off

> Oh I had an even worst case with 2.99.49p9.  If a message had MAIL
> FROM:<"<>"@domain.com>, the router would start eating up all the memory on
the box until the box became a useless zombie which needed physical rebooting. 
Has this particular problem been fixed in the newer versions? My OS is Solaris
2.5.1 and is patched up.

I think that most of the  problems with the router dying are now solved.
At least I did not notice anything bad for months, on a quite heavily
loaded server (we now process about 20 Gb of mail per month).


> ----------
> From:      Eugene Crosser[SMTP:crosser@online.ru]
> Sent:      Tuesday, August 18, 1998 9:39 AM
> To:      Brent Foster
> Cc:      zmailer@nic.funet.fi
> Subject:      Re: Router dies off
> > I've been running 2.99.49p8 in a production environment for almost a year
> > without any major problems.  I'm running zmailer on two identical
> > machines that load ballance our mail traffic.  In just the last two
> > days, the router portion of Zmailer has died without reason on one of the
> > mail servers.  I've tried increasing the number of routers from 6 to 16,
> > and that doesn't seem to prevent the problem from happening.
> > 
> > mail# mailq -ss
> > 2682 entries in router queue: no daemon
> > 534 messages in transport queue: working
> > 
> > Does anyone have any idea why this might be happening?
> router used to have quite a few problems that caused segfault on various
> "abnormal" messages (i.e. with syntax error in the headers).  You
> may want to upgrade to the most recent snapshot, and it the problem
> persists, look for a 'core' file in the $POSTOFFICE/router directory
> and try to analyze it...  I think that in your version the router
> used to rename the 'core' file and move it into .../postman directory.
> Eugene