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smtpserver policy

We are trying to implement anti-relaying. But we have a very large,
very diverse community, some of whom use outside ISPs to read their
mail. There has been some discussion about allowing users who have
logged in to their inboxes (imap or pop) to use the smtpserver as a

If you have implemented such a system, we would like to hear from you.
How did you get the imap/pop login and logout records to the smtpserver?
(Our message store machines are different from our smtpserver machines.)
How are you updating the smtp-policy database? (There is a note about
possible concurrency problems with reading and writing ndbm files. What
form of database do you use?) What do you do with pop logins? That is,
do you have an expiry time so that the IP address is still valid after
the user has logged out?

We have looked at Eugene Crosser's whoson. We would be interested in
hearing the details of any implementation of it.


Peter Ip, PhD
Computing and Network Services, University of Toronto
email: peter.ip@utoronto.ca