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router demon dies upon restart.

Dear experts out there,

One of our mail servers keeps logging messages like:
squirrel: 8324 saved for inspection: message header syntax error!
*** message header syntax error!
*** external message claims local origin!
<98Aug5.173947hkt.8319(2)@alumni.alumni.ee.ust.hk>: file: 8319(2)
<(expected wo-d) > => <97Etck@alumni.ee.ust.hk>

Every time the script "startrouter" is executed by cron and then dies.
What I mean "die" is that I cannot find the demon by running
"ps -ax|grep router"

The output of mailq -ss is like:
297 entries in router queue: no demons
0 entries in scheduler queue: scheduling transports (core exists)
21 messages in transport queue

The the no. of entries in the router goes up to 500!

Any idea is very much appreciated.

best regards,

Pang Kin Hung, Kenny
EEE Department
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

email: eekhpang@ee.ust.hk